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Copan UTM®

UTM® is a FDA cleared collection and transport system suitable for collection, transport, maintenance and long-term freeze storage of clinical specimens containing viruses, including COVID-19, chlamydia, mycoplasma or ureaplasma organismsThe transport medium comes in a plastic, screw cap tube and maintains organism viability for 48 hours at room or refrigerated temperature.

UTM®: Universal Transport Medium
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Labcon ZAP™

ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Tips provide you with complete protection from sample carry-over. They incorporate our patented pure 10 micron filter offering you unsurpassed aerosol blocking performance. ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Pipet Tips offer you uncompromising performance
and a wider range of options than any other major manufacturer..
Only 100% Medical Grade virgin polypropylene resins are used in ZAP™ Tips. No recycled plastics or commodity grade resins.

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Copan SRK®
Hygiene Monitoring

A widely used and effective method for the detection and quantitation of microorganisms is to pre-moisten a swab with a solution prior to sampling and then to rinse the swab after the sample has been collected for analysis. Pre-moistened swabs improve the uptake of sample material, particularly when sampling dry surfaces. FLOQSwabs® improve sampling as they allow to collect and release a far greater amount of sample than traditional fiber swabs. Moreover thanks to immediate elution of the sample into the medium, FLOQSwabs® help reducing the processing time. Pharma SRK® kits are triple wrapped in VHP resistant pouches in order to be suitable to be used in isolators and cleanrooms.

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